Terms of Service

The Terms of Service in this Agreement (the “Agreement”) are entered into by and between the subscriber (“you,” “your” or “Subscriber”) and On Spot Live – Remote Support Service (“OSL,” “us” or “we”). You are deemed to have accepted this Agreement upon the earliest of: (a) your submission of an order; (b) your accepting the terms and conditions electronically during the ordering process; or (c) your use of the Service (as defined herein). This Agreement includes the terms set forth herein, the Acceptable Use Policy, the Privacy Policy, and all other materials specifically referenced in this Agreement, all of which are incorporated by reference herein. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use the Service.

Service:- On Spot Live – Remote Support Service will provide you remote support to fix the errors on your computer as per your subscription detailed below.

Realtime-Support:- A user who paying for Real-time Support will get one Real-time Remote Support Service. Real time means the time and date both On Spot Live and User fixes after the conversation through Chat or Email, with a maximum of Two remote support sessions.

Subscriber Information:- You acknowledge that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, and you agree that you have the legal authority to enter into this Agreement and affirm that the information you supply to us is correct and complete. You understand that Fix On Spot – Remote Support Service relies on the information you supply and that providing false or incorrect information may result in Service delays or the suspension or termination of your Service. You agree to promptly notify On Spot Live whenever your personal or billing information changes, including without limitation, your name, address, telephone number, and E-mail address, if applicable.

General Pricing and Fees:- Our service prices are shown in the www.onspotlive.com website and you should pay the amount through paypal as per the service you select. A customer who selects a service should pay the amount listed on the On Spot Live website corresponding to that service at the time of order.

Refund Policy:- There is no money back guarantee for any Services unless specifically written in a special one time promotion. There are no pro-rated refunds for unused sessions. Unless otherwise stated in the website.

Warranty:- On virus and/or spyware removal is limited to 7 days after cleanup is performed. We warrant that system will be free of spyware after we perform service however, we cannot be responsible for re-infection from infected sites or e mail after service is performed.

Software:- In connection with our provision of the Service, we may provide to you, via download, CD, other media, or other delivery method, the use of certain software which is owned by On Spot Live or its third party licensors, providers and suppliers, and which may be provided free or for a fee, including Remote Support Software and Security Programs. We reserve the right to update or change the Software from time to time and you agree to cooperate in performing such steps as may be necessary to install any updates or upgrades to the Software. You may use the Software only as part of or for use with the Service and for no other purpose. The Software may be accompanied by an end user license agreement from On Spot Live or a third party. Your use of the Software’s is governed by the terms of that license agreement and by this Agreement, where applicable. You may not install or use any Software that is accompanied by or includes an end user license agreement unless you first agree to the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement

Term:- This Agreement is effective upon the Subscription of any On Spot Live service provided above and shall continue until the expiry of that Subscription.

Subscriber Declaration:-
I herein referred to as “Customer” give authorization to Fix On Spot Remote Support Service herein referred to as “On Spot Live” to access and control my computer equipment, including all software and hardware to diagnose, service and repair. I customer, accept all FOS’s terms and conditions and agreements. I customer understand and acknowledge that FOS has advised that I back up my data prior to receiving any On Spot Live services and that On Spot Live is not responsible for any harm to or loss of data. I customer shall protect, indemnify and save On Spot Live harmless from and against any damage, cost or liability for any and all injuries to person or property arising from negligent acts or omission of On Spot Live, its employees, agents, in performance of any On Spot Live services.

If you have any questions about our Terms please contact us at: contact@onspotlive.com